I was born in Ankara. I studied Economics in English in Istanbul University, then completed my MBA in Yeditepe University. I worked in Istanbul Stock Exchange as a stock broker and vice general manager for ten years.
Presently, I’m a Notary authorized freelance translator (http://www.wientercume.com) and event photographer for ELLE Magazine Turkey, Lollipop Magazine-USA, Pozitif Live & Babylon&Volkswagen Arena in Turkey, and shooting events (conferences, concerts, celebrations, birthday parties,anniversaries etc.) in Turkey and abroad (travelling is my passion!)
Please check my published works on my page for references (Getty Images, Elle Turkey, Louis Vuitton Turkey, Pozitif Live Turkey, Aquamasters Turkey, Lollipop Magazine USA, Ashton Manguson USA) or ask for more.
The most beautiful present given tome in my childhood was the first KODAK camera which my dear father Attorney Law ALTUG ERGIN bought. Since then I keep on shooting, making albums, giving photos to my beloved ones as a present.
I am a mother of a wonderful US citizen son, a rock-lover, an Istanbullian…(it is my nick name given by Ralph Arnold,3DD)
More than all above, my only wish is to be able to catch “that precious moment” and Rock on!

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Event Photographer 
(sports, conferences, concerts, celebrations, birthday parties,anniversaries etc.)
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